Suspected ATM fraudster tortured in Akwa Ibom


An Akwa Ibom man accused of engaging in an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card fraud was tortured by residents of the state.

After reportedly emptying the money in the bank account of one Edidiong Uboh, the suspect identified as Sebastine Lawrence initially denied wrongdoing.

When asked how he got the ATM card of the victim, he said the card belonged to his wife, Veronica Akpabio, and that it was broken by their child, prompting him to visit the bank for a replacement.

In another account he said he had picked the card on the ground at the bank premises.

Asked further why he collected the card, including putting glue on it, Mr Sebastine explained that he wanted to produce a necklace out of it. According to him, when the brass on the card is melted inside a particular chemical it can produce a material that could then be used to manufacture the jewellry.

The suspect.

With hands tied to his back, pounded and left on the ground with only his shorts, the suspect said he would call his brother, one Victor Lawrence Udoh, to recover the stolen funds.

It is unclear if the brother was complicit. But as of writing of this report, we have been unable to establish if the suspect was eventually handed to the police. But many have condemned the alleged torture.

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