Ease of Lockdown: Interstate Ban lifting, Flights resumption May Be Annouce As FG brief Nigerians


The presidential taskforce on covid19 will be addressing Nigerians today on the next phase of gradual easing of the lockdown.

From all indication, it seems President Buhari may no longer be addressing Nigerians as regards the biweekly gradual easing of the lockdown media briefing. The chairman of the presidential taskforce Boss Mustapha may continue to brief Nigerians.

The Presidential taskforce briefing on easing the lockdown may likely includes the following:

1. The Ban on Interstates movement will be lifted. Travelers and vehicular movement will definitely be resuming.

2. Resumption of domestic flights operations beginning from 21st June as previously announced by the presidential taskforce.

3. Students sitting for Waec and other final examinations will be allow to take their exams.

Nigerians will be expected to abide Strictly to the covid19 guidelines and maintain personal hygiene.

If this announcement is made, it will definitely gladdens the hearts of Nigerians whose businesses and means of livelihood has been greatly affected by the ban on interstate movement.


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