Monday, 20 January 2020
Can i purchase the scratch card online?

-Yes!!! You can purchase our cards online via JUMIA, KONGA and KAYMU. Simply search for EXAMWORLD on this websites; our cards would be displayed instantly. We always endeavor to send the pin-codes to you within 2 hours of purchase.

How do i use the e-practice pin code or access code?

Please go to the homepage then scroll down to the bottom of the page. You would clearly see the instructions on how to use the pin code

How do i access my purchased exam?

Your purchased exams can be accessed by login into the system and clicking on the 'my exam' tab. This action would display the exam package you have purchased. Clicking on the exam package would display the various exams in the exam package.

Can the e-practice exam be taken on mobile phones?

Yes, the e-practice exam can be taken on all android phones and IOS phones. It can apparently be taken on all mobile phones that have internet capabilities and GPRS services.

What is the validity of the card or my purchased exams?

The exams you purchased are valid for 12months except the post utme e-practice. This means you can take the e-practice exams unlimited times for 12months.

How many questions do i have access to?

You have access to unlimited numbers of past questions. Note, the system would randomly pick questions from our question bank. The question bank contains past questions starting from year 2000.

Are there explanations or solutions to answered questions?

Only subjects that are calculation intensive such as chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology have solutions and explanations.

Is there any way to check the results of all exams taken?

Yes!!! Log in to the portal then click on the "Your results" link. Clicking on the test name links you to the test solution explanation.

How can i make payment?

You can make payment for your desired e-practice exams in 3 ways. -Purchasing the e-practice scratch card for you desired exam -making a bank deposit into the i-series account with zenith bank;00000000. -Online payment platform (still in development.

How many times can i access the demo question section?

The demo question section can be accessed 5 times. Although you can only access 10 questions at a time. Note, after the 5th practice, you would be prompted to purchase the scratch card to have full access to the e-practice.

Are the demo questions the same?

No!!! The demo questions would continue to change. It is not static.

Payment Mode

By purchasing a scratch card

show Buy the exam practice scratch card from any of our numerous accredited sellers and partners. Input the card pin number into the field designated for the purchase of the exam, click on pay now then check out.

By Bank deposit

Text your full details (your name, email address, exam type, phone number) to 08186992797 or 08144089363. (e.g Omolola Adenike, jamb/waec, 2000, 08008440320).

We would activate the e-practice packages for you but you must make the bank payment within 24hrs after the activation else your account would be suspended.

Bank Name: Zenith Bank Plc.
Account Name: I-series Technologies.
Account Number: 1013554650.

Internet Banking or Transfer

show Payments could also be made via your bank's internet banking platform. The payment should be made to
Bank Name: Zenith Bank Plc.
Account Name: I-series Technologies.
Account Number: 1013554650.
Then, text your full name, email address, exam type, bank name and amount paid to 08186992797 or 08144089363. We would activate your package instantly

Refund Policy

show If you are dissatisfied with the e-practice you have made payment for, we would gladly make a full refund of your money should you lodge a complaint or request for a full refund within 20 working days of making the payment.